Women’s Government Arts College for Women has been given a multi-million dollar government grant

PESHAWAR, Pakistan – The Pakistan Government Arts and Education College for women (GACOW) has been awarded a multi million dollar grant by the Pakistan Council for Education (PCE).

The award was given on Tuesday to the centre to enable it to provide scholarships for women in rural areas.GACow is a private, non-government institution, established in 2006 to provide quality education to women in Pakistan.

The center has a total enrolment of approximately 2.2 million women.

The funding is in addition to a $500,000 grant from the government for the development of the center and a $1.2 billion fund for infrastructure.

The center is currently operating as a fully-fledged university, and is expected to launch a two-year course in 2019, which will help to improve the quality of women’s education in Pakistan, said a statement by the education ministry.