Women’s College in New Delhi jails men for ‘rape’

New Delhi: A female government college in the southern Indian city of New Delhi has set the bar for rape education for its female students.

The women’s college in Sulkachar in the state capital, New Delhi, has introduced “a rape education” programme and is now “the first institution to offer the course”, according to the New Delhi government.

The education is in its first year and the institution is the first in the country to offer a course on the topic, a government official said.

The government has also issued instructions to the college to take all necessary steps to make sure that “rape awareness programmes” are in place, and to “create awareness about rape and violence”.

The College has also written to the Ministry of Women and Child Development to ensure that “every institution” can offer a “rape education”.

The Education Department has also made it mandatory for colleges in the city to ensure all female students get a “consultation” with a rape victim.

“There is no safe place for women in the modern society.

We cannot have women who are forced to work at home or at the street corners without being raped or abused.

We must make sure we protect them from all kinds of violence,” the official said, adding that the government has directed all colleges to create awareness on rape.

The department has also instructed all colleges in government schools to ensure “rape prevention” is a part of their curriculum, and also to set up a committee to ensure the safety of students.