Women’s college for men in Salem,Faridabad to host women’s college,women’s and men’s sports department in salem

A government-run women’s and women’s sports college in Salem will host a women’s basketball team, and a women team in Faridabad will host the men’s and mixed team.

The Salem Sports Association and Faridpur Cricket Association have signed a memorandum of understanding with the two sports colleges to create a women basketball program in Salem.

In addition, the two athletic departments will also collaborate to set up a women-only basketball and men-only cricket club at Salem.

The clubs will be run by a committee of both departments.

The new partnership is a major boost for the women’s sport in Faridaabad.

Women’s basketball in Faridiabad had only one team.

In 2014, the women won the first state championship in the sport and were selected as one of the top five teams in the Indian Women’s Basketball Association (IWABA).

The team was ranked No. 2 in the country.

But the sport was still seen as a niche sport in the state.

The government launched the Faridurabad Basketball Association in 2014, but the club did not make it out of the inaugural tournament.

This year, it hopes to play a top-level tournament, and to host its first-ever national tournament.

“We have decided to expand our programme and expand our facility in Faridiaabad, to provide an opportunity for women in Faridoabad to have a professional basketball program and a top notch sports facility,” the association’s director general of sports Dr Suman Rao told The Indian Express.

“It will be a partnership of our two sports departments.

We are looking at expanding our women’s volleyball programme and our women team to become a top tier league,” he added.

The association has already signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Department of Sports and Recreation for a women and women sports club.

The department will manage the women-specific team and coach the men-specific players, while the association will also be involved in recruiting the coaches of the women and men teams.

“It will not be the women team who is leading the women in the sports programme,” Dr Rao said.

The women’s football team will be led by the sports secretary of the association, Naina Shah, while a men’s football squad will be headed by the women director of sports, Shailesh Bhatia.

The team will compete in the IWABA women’s league, and will also play in the Men’s State League, which is scheduled to be played next year.

The men’s basketball club will also participate in the national competition, the national championship tournament, a final tournament in 2016, and also play some matches in the upcoming tournament in Dubai.