Women’s college for girls is set to open in Punjab

Government education department (GED) has set up a women’s college in Lahore for girls, as part of a nationwide campaign to increase the representation of women in education.

The government had earlier granted a loan to the Lahore Women’s College, which will be open from August 2019 to June 2020.

The college will be affiliated with the Lahori Bazar Girls High School (LBGHS), which has a student population of 1,500 girls and 300 boys.

The college will have facilities for women students, as well as the opportunity to take up courses and work at various academic institutions.

The project is part of an ambitious programme of creating awareness and strengthening women’s participation in education and public life.

The Lahore government, which has also established women’s colleges in Karachi, Islamabad and Peshawar, is committed to creating an inclusive and equitable educational system.

“The Government has announced the establishment of a new women’s high school in Lahori city to cater to the needs of women.

We have set up the Lahoria College for Women in Lahoria city,” said a GED official.

In addition to the women college, the Lahor High School and Lahori Women’s Academy have been established as well.

“We will also establish a women-specific college for engineering and science in Lahor.

We are also planning to set up other educational institutions for women,” the official said.

The development of the Lahora High School for Girls is part to a programme to increase female representation in education, which includes setting up new schools for girls.

“A large number of girls have not been educated in Lahors high schools.

In addition to this, a large number have gone to school only in Lahora city and other areas.

We will be working on establishing schools for female students in the city and surrounding areas,” the GED said.