Women at work: ‘There’s a reason we’re being treated as second-class citizens’

The reason women aren’t in politics is a very good one.

If you look at the history of women’s roles in politics and history, it’s quite obvious that the first women to hold political office were the founders of the United States.

So, there’s a long history of working with women.

There’s a lot of good stuff going on.

And if you look through history, you can see women at work, too.

So I think there’s still a lot to do.

There is a lot we can do, for example, to improve access to education.

And to make sure women get the kind of jobs that make them feel like they belong, that they’re part of something that’s important to them.

And that’s what we’re really focused on.

So that’s a good start.

There are lots of other ways to make that happen.

But one of the ways is for people to be educated.

I mean, it can happen in a number of ways.

I think education is a huge area that can really change things.

So if you have a group of people that are really committed to education and want to make a difference, it makes sense to start there.

If there are other ways of improving access, I’m not sure what that is.

But for the most part, if you want to change the world, you have to make the change in the right places.

I’m sure there’s other things that can be done, but education is the first one that people look at.

I don’t think that there’s any reason that we can’t start there now.