Woman’s government degree college opens in Faridabad

Faridpur, Haryana – The government’s education department has opened the Faridaur government degree program for women at the government college in the city.

The program will be led by former education minister, Gurbani Patnaik, who is also the director of the ministry of education.

In the past, the college was managed by the Farida Institute of Engineering and Science, which was established in the mid-1970s.

Patnaik said the government will soon begin the process of opening the program.

“The aim is to make it easier for women to study in the state of Haryas,” Patnaiks statement said.

As per the scheme, a woman will get a government degree from the college for the cost of about Rs 2,000.

The government will provide tuition to the students for two years and, depending on their qualifications, they can earn up to Rs 1,000 per month.

With the opening of the program, the government is taking steps to improve the quality of education in Haryanas.

Haryana’s women have not only faced discrimination in education and employment, but also face a myriad of barriers that prevent them from accessing quality education.