Woman’s College in Sri Lanka gets help from Government Arts College for Women

Muthiah, in the north-eastern state of Tamil Nadu, has a population of around 1.2 million, but the women’s college, the only institution for women in the state, is struggling to fill the gap.

Muthiah is a traditionally male-dominated area with its main cities and the rural area of the city is dominated by Muslim communities.

Muthias women are the most marginalized in the country.

The women’s institution is a separate institution from the government arts College for women. 

In 2015, the government launched the Women College for Men programme, a joint project with the Government of Sri Lanka and the University of Hyderabad.

The programme aims to fill this gap by building up a strong women’s education in the region.

The government has also created a joint committee for the Women’s College to develop strategies for the recruitment of women into the university.

This is aimed at providing support for women and empowering them.

The aim is to give the women an opportunity to excel academically and gain a degree, said K. Venkatraman, the vice chancellor of the Women Colleges Department at the Government Polytechnic College. 

The Government of Tamilnadu has set aside Rs 50 lakh as funding for the scheme.

The Centre has allocated Rs 8 crore for the programme, while the government has allocated $5.6 crore for recruitment.

The Government Polytech College for Girls will be founded in 2019 and will be equipped with a teaching facility, classrooms, laboratories and teaching facilities.

The students will be provided with tutoring and support services.