Woman’s college in Lahore sets up in name of women’s rights

Lahore, Pakistan – A young woman has created a university for women’s studies in the heart of the city, a move that is a sharp contrast to the conservative government in Lahores, where men have been the main providers of the women’s college.

“This university is not about the women or the government, it is about the whole world, which includes the women, because the university has no authority,” said Khwaja, 22, who is one of around 50 students enrolled at the university in the town of Shah Alam, 50km (30 miles) from the provincial capital Lahore.

“We want to create an education for all people, because our education is based on our own personal stories,” said Ms Khwajas father, Muhammad Shah.

“It’s an attempt to create a bridge between the genders, because men and women are in many ways similar,” she added.

She hopes to create the first such institution in Pakistan.

Women’s college opens in Lahor province A number of young women are enrolled at a women’s university in Lahoria, the capital of the province of Punjab.

A woman’s college, known as the women college, opened in Lahora, the provincial heartland, and will become the first one in Pakistan to be opened by the government.

The university, which is the first in Lahori province, will teach courses such as history, women’s economics, and philosophy.

Ms Khawaja said that she hopes to open the women colleges in different parts of Punjab, which currently lack a college for the same purpose.

“If we can get them all to join in the same place, we will have a great future,” she said.

“And we will become a real force in our region.”

Ms Khweaja and her father were initially reluctant to start the women university, but they decided to take it on because of the social benefits that come with opening a women college.

Ms Shah said that the two women were already making great progress in their studies.

“I want to be able to study for more than 15 years, and I also want to study law in my field,” she told Al Jazeera.

“But now, we are learning together and we are having a great time,” she continued.