Why women are taking a stand against the government college that’s hosting the university for a women’s college

In the midst of a crisis of confidence for women in the government, a group of women are demanding the government of India institute a university for them.

The students of a women-run government college in Faisalbazar district, where the government has been planning to build a women college, are demanding an end to the “injustice” that the government is doing to them.

According to the students, the government and its contractors are not treating them fairly.

They have been denied facilities and salaries, and the university has failed to provide them the necessary information about the curriculum and facilities for their education.

The government has not been accommodating them and has not provided adequate facilities for them, the students told the Indian Express.

“We want to set an example for our sisters in the future,” said Kannan Thakur, a student of the college.

“When they come here, we should not be surprised if they feel the same.”

The students are calling on the government to appoint a committee to study the matter.

“The government needs to establish a college for us,” said Bijay, another student.

“If they don’t do it, we will take it up with the government.”

The government said the issue of gender equality is one of the top priorities of its development and development work.

“As per the government’s plan, the Faisals College will be a female college and it will serve as a catalyst for further strengthening women’s participation in the country’s economic and political life,” a government spokesperson said in a statement.

“The Government of India has decided to establish the F.S.C. University for women at Faisala in partnership with the private sector,” it added.

The student activists have taken matters into their own hands, organizing a march and protest on March 14.

“Our demands are simple: The government should appoint a chairperson for the Fares College and the college should set up a women student government,” said Thakum.

“Women have to be educated and empowered and the government needs an institution like this.

We have no option but to take this up.”