Why the government degree college in Srikakumari has to be closed down

The government college in southern Srikarakulam has to close down, due to poor attendance and the absence of students, according to the Pudukkanthan administration.

The government degree in Sankari, also called Kankai Sankri, is an accredited college that has been operating since 2000.

This was the first time in the history of the college that a government degree was conferred on a student.

The college’s board is composed of former government officials.

“We have been facing issues in terms of attendance.

There is no students in the college.

There are only three classes in this college.

The students are not able to get the degrees, and we have to keep the college open,” an administrator of the government college told News24.

“The college has to keep going, and it will continue to do so,” he said.

He said the college was facing a “disruption” and the administration was looking for “a suitable venue” for the college to operate.

The administration was also planning to conduct an inspection of the College Board of Sankaras to find out how it was functioning.

The president of the Board, Ramesh Natarajan, said he did not have a clear understanding of the situation and would have to contact the college board in the next few days.

“The board has not taken any decision on the college’s closure.

But, if the board’s members want to take it up, we will meet to discuss the matter,” Natarjan told News 24.

The administration had issued a notice to the college earlier this month asking it to close for four months.

“We have to consider the issue in the light of the present situation.

We cannot do this.

We are not in a position to decide.

But we are working with the government authorities to determine a suitable venue,” the administrator said.