Why Sri Meenakshas government college is facing closure

Sri Meenaakshin government college, located in Chennai, is facing a shutdown in February.

The college was shut down due to lack of funds.

The closure will affect about 20% of the student population.

Students will have to return to the villages.

The government has said that the college is operating on a shoestring budget and has faced difficulties in funding it.

The shutdown will affect 20% to 30% of students.

Students who have not returned will not be able to enrol in classes.

The students who returned will have the option of returning to their villages for an extra course or enrol in another college.

They will be eligible for loans of up to 2,000,000 rupees ($220 to $300) to cover the cost of their enrolment and for their return to villages.

“Students from villages who have returned will be able enrol in the college again, but will have difficulty doing so as they are not allowed to return from the villages, due to the closure,” an official said.

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