Why Pakistan will never have its own state newspaper

By MAJUD ARNA news DeskThe government-run Punjab National News Agency (PNNA) on Tuesday announced that the province’s only newspaper would have a digital version on a new platform called “Pakistan Express”.

Punjab News Now, the online news portal that was launched on Monday, will be the only one in the country to feature a digital edition of its flagship news magazine, The Pakistan Express.

“Punjabi news is a traditional source of news for Punjab, and Pakistan Express is the only English language news portal in the state that will be able to feature the digital edition,” Punjab Minister for Press, Information and Broadcasting Haseeb Akhtar told PTI.

The online portal will feature a full news coverage of the state, which is in the midst of a massive drought, said Akhtar, adding that it will also feature the latest news from the country’s three national security agencies, Pakistan Army, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and the National Investigation Agency.

The portal will also have a section on the countrys largest dam, the Punjab Dam, the National Dam Authority and the Lahore Dam.

Pawar is one of the biggest state in Pakistan with a population of approximately 15 million.

The Punjab is the second largest province in the rest of the country, after Punjab, where it is known as the “state of the future”.

The launch of the online portal comes as Pakistan seeks to improve its digital presence.

Digital is one key element of the government’s digital transformation plan that aims to become a digital-first country.

Last year, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif launched the Digital India programme, which aims to create digital networks across the country.

In the past, digital media has been an important part of the development of Pakistan’s economy, particularly in the tourism and IT sectors.