Why is there so much opposition to the Pashtunistan government college?

By Anwar Hussain | November 15, 2018 04:23:07A lot of people don’t like what the government is doing in Punjab, the Punjab Assembly speaker, Dr. Salman Khurram Khan, told The Hindu in an exclusive interview.

Khan said that he and his colleagues from the Punjab government college (PGC) are doing their best to make things right with the government, especially the education system.

He said that his ministry has been trying to get the government to make changes in the education of the population.

“We have sent letters to all the education institutions and schools of the PGC.

We have been sending them information on all these issues,” Khan said.

He said that PGC was working on the implementation of the new education policy of the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Prakash government, as well as the development of rural areas.

“The Prakas have been working for two years on this,” Khan added.

The PGC is the apex institution in the province.

Its work includes education, health and sanitation.

The education system is run by the PSC, the state’s education department.

Khalim Khan says the PCC has been working to make education and social welfare systems in Punjab work, but the PSA has been doing a good job.