Why government colleges in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are underfunded

Tamil Nadu is a state with some of the lowest enrolment in India, but government schools have a big role to play in ensuring women can achieve their dreams.

There are more than 40 government colleges and universities in the state, which has some of India’s highest literacy rates and an estimated 8.3 million people in total.

The government, however, says that most of these universities are under-funded, with government colleges getting less than 1% of their funding from the central government, which is about $600 million a year.

Here are some reasons why government colleges can’t meet the demand:The government says it’s an open-and-shut case, as the schools don’t exist in any form in Tamilnadu and there are no plans to establish them.

In fact, a government official said, there are about 30,000 people who attend government colleges across the state every day.

“We have been asking them for years for funding, but the states government hasn’t given us the resources,” the official said.

“We have to work together.”

According to the state government, government colleges have been struggling to find funding since 2014, when the central and state governments agreed to a five-year plan to build and upgrade about 400 schools across the country.

The plan was meant to improve literacy rates in the country, but funding from states was cut from the plan and there is no indication that it’s going to be renewed, according to the government official.

A few months ago, the government set up a pilot program to test the feasibility of a new model of government education.

That program has been ongoing, but only for a year and a half, with only one government college getting an additional grant of $5 million.