Which schools need to shut down?

I can’t say that I’m a fan of the government-run colleges that are providing government-educated women with jobs.

But there is something really wrong with the government colleges that provide government-backed, first-year college degrees to first-graders, especially when the first-grader doesn’t have the same skills as the first grader.

As a result, these first-grade schools are contributing to a widening gap between men and women that could well widen as women continue to have fewer opportunities in higher education.

The problem goes beyond the first grade.

In an attempt to fill the gap between women and men in the workforce, the government has also introduced programs that allow women to work part-time while on university degrees.

And while some of these programs help fill the gaps between men’s and women’s education, they do nothing to close the gap in education for men.

If the government wants to help the men and boys of this country, it should start with the women, and not just the government schools.