Which government postgraduate college for girls islAMPURA Lahore,sub campus,Government degree college,for women?

The government is planning to open a postgraduate education (PGE) degree for women in the Lahore area’s government first grade colleges (GPCs).

The government’s announcement came a day after the Government of Pakistan (GPL) announced that the government’s education department will soon set up a PGE degree programme for women students.

The move is seen as an attempt to boost the number of women studying at the government institutions in the capital, which is struggling to deal with the increasing number of cases of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among women.

The education department has asked women to apply for a PGO at the Government Higher Education Organisation (GOEO) through an online application.

The government said the PGO will help provide women with an alternative to the male-dominated postgraduate programmes, and also open a new option for women’s education.

“Women will now be able to choose from the options available at the GOEO and study in a PGI at the same time,” said Education Minister Khawaja Asif.

The GoEO is the main agency that oversees all the government educational and postgraduate colleges across Pakistan.

In September last year, the government announced it would set up PGE programmes for women from the government, private and private non-government institutions.

According to the latest figures, only 4.5 per cent of women in Pakistan were enrolled in postgraduate educational institutions, a fact that the GoEo has said is not surprising given the fact that women are less likely to enrol in universities.

According, the GOeO has a policy to encourage women to study in universities, but has struggled to recruit enough women in colleges to cater to the demand.