Which government college in India has the most female students?

The government of India has recently announced the commencement of its first female undergraduate and graduate programmes in the country.

The announcement comes a day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that women would soon be eligible for the government’s medical colleges.

The new government colleges, to be named after the Prime Minister’s daughters, will begin offering courses in 2018.

The new government college will offer courses in a variety of subjects, including biology, chemistry, and physics, the ministry of women and child development said in a statement.

The government said the aim is to provide a “seamless” education, with the aim of attracting young women to the workforce.

The government has been struggling to attract women to science and engineering since 2014, when the country was hit by a massive pandemic.

The country has struggled to bring in women engineers since then, and is still far behind other countries.

The latest government survey found that more than 90% of women who applied for engineering degrees said they were turned away, with only 35% of them being accepted.