When the Navy sends women to sea: Women in uniform go to sea

KUMAR, India (Reuters) – Indian women are being sent to sea by the military to teach them how to use the ship and how to perform combat tasks, the country’s defence ministry said on Thursday.

Women are being put into the water as a first step to develop “combat skills”, the ministry said in a statement.

A navy ship has been carrying women for four weeks on a voyage from India’s coastal state of Kerala to the port of Bikaner in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

The ship’s commander, Rear Admiral Udaya Srinivasan, has said the ships mission is to teach women combat skills and that he is proud of his men for the job.

The women are to be deployed in various positions, such as on the ship’s engineering and navigational sections, and in the shipboard command area.

India is one of the most highly-populated countries in the world.