When it comes to India, we have to learn how to work together to make the country prosperous, PM Modi says

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said India’s poor need help to solve their economic problems.

“It’s very difficult to solve the problems of poverty in India and this is due to the fact that India has very poor people,” he said during the Pudukottai festival in Mumbai.

“The poor people have to have good schools, good hospitals, good schools and hospitals, which we need.

The poor people are very poor. “

But it is also very difficult for the poor people to get jobs, for example, in the construction industry or even in the mining industry.

The poor people are very poor.

So, what we have got to do is develop the industrial sector so that they can have a job,” he added.

“India’s poor are very isolated and isolated from the world.

They are dependent on a few countries.

We have to help them to get a job, but we have also got to develop the Indian industrial sector,” he continued.

The PM, who is hosting the Puddakottai event in Mumbai, said the government’s government would not let the government “solve their problems” through a handful of small states.

That’s why I am giving them a job.” “

We have to create the infrastructure to create jobs in these sectors and create infrastructure so that the poor can have jobs.

That’s why I am giving them a job.”

“They have to understand that there is an industrial sector in the country and the poor are dependent in this sector.

They have to realize that India is a very large country,” he emphasised.

The Prime Minister also promised that a government of one person, one vote would make India a better country.

“I am sure that in the next election, the government of a government one person one vote will make India better, which is the promise of the Prime Minister of India,” he concluded.

The Pudakottage is a festival of the goddess of rain that marks the end of the Indian monsoon season.

The festival traditionally celebrates the beginning of the year and brings together people of different faiths and ethnicities to celebrate the season and the goddess, Kali.

The event has been held annually since the 19th century.

The BJP government of Prime Minister Modi launched the festival as part of its efforts to make India one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world in 2020.

“There is a huge need for a good government to solve these problems of the poor and they should take an inclusive approach,” he told the crowd.