When India’s ‘Women’s Centres’ Turn into a Cybersecurity Agency

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is in a precarious position vis-à-vis the ruling AIADMK government.

The AIADK has a majority in the Lok Sabha, and the opposition parties have been working hard to block the appointment of its ministers in cabinet and parliament.

It has also blocked the appointment for a key AIADM minister of its ally the Samajwadi Party (SP).

The AIADMP government, which was led by the late N.K. Narayanan, is a nationalist party that rejects the caste system.

But its policies and priorities reflect that, and it has been a frequent target of anti-government protests in the state.

In April, a month after the government came to power, a mob of up to 50 protesters stormed the headquarters of the AIADMM in Pune and set fire to the building.

On April 13, the BJP’s women’s wing launched a protest campaign calling for the dismissal of the ministers of the state government.

On that day, the AIAMN accused the AIADS of failing to address the problems of women in the ministry.

A month later, on April 24, more than 200 women gathered outside the AIAN building in Puntland in an unprecedented show of protest.

It was an attack on the government.

The protests and the subsequent crackdown by the AI ADMK on women’s rights have been a major blow to the ruling party’s image, and has made it a target for its political rivals.

The latest government crackdown has also been a setback for the AIUDMK, which is in coalition with the ruling Congress.

The Congress has also sought to marginalise the AIDS and AIADAM by blocking their appointments in government ministries.

The government is now trying to rebrand itself as a “women’s agency” under the umbrella of the State Women’s Commission, but the AIMSM and the AIBA are already taking over the reins.

The AIMSMs and AIBA have a track record of taking on social and economic justice issues, and are considered by many to be a major threat to the political hegemony of the ruling BJP.