When government colleges get government grants, are they being discriminated against?

The government colleges of Srikam district in Tamil Nadu have received a Rs 10,000 grant from the government for a three-year course on human rights.

The government has also set up a department to monitor compliance with the new guidelines.

The new guidelines came into force in October 2016.

The guidelines require all colleges to publish and keep records of every student’s registration.

They also stipulate that the colleges must not discriminate on the basis of gender or religion.

The new rules have sparked anger among some members of the community and some parents.

“They (government colleges) have been taking government grant for a couple of years and we are now being discriminated in terms of our rights.

They have been giving us government grants for a while but it has only happened now that we have taken a stand.

Why are they not giving us any help?” said J Srinivasan, a parent of a student from the Srikaman government college.

The education department has also asked colleges to report the number of students from their respective states.

They are also asked to compile an annual report on the number enrolled and the enrolment status of students.