What you need to know about government degree colleges for women

The government degree programme for women is being rolled out in several states.

It is expected to start in the next few weeks and will be the first in the country to provide full access to the postgraduate qualification to all women students.

Key points:Education minister says it will give access to postgraduate qualifications to women from the age of 18-24 in five statesThe government degree program for women in four states will be rolled out from the start of next yearIn five states, the government will provide access to government degree degrees to all students starting at 18 years old, education minister Gautam Omprakash said on Wednesday.

“If you are in the age group of 18 to 24, you will have access to all the post-graduate certificates available in government colleges.

It will give you a chance to get a job in a government sector,” he said.

Omprakosh said he expected to announce more details about the programme in coming days.

“This is a very good step in helping young women to get jobs.

We have seen a huge increase in job opportunities for women.

And it will be a very positive development for the state,” he added.

The government is looking to the experience of the past two decades to guide its future plans, he said, saying the programme will also give a boost to rural education.

“The government has set up an advisory committee to look at how the program will be implemented,” Omparakosh said.

“We have put a lot of focus on rural education and rural education is a critical sector.

We are trying to ensure that we give all children opportunities in education.”

A similar initiative was launched in 2014 and in the same year the government made it compulsory for all students in government schools to take the government degree, he added, noting that the government has also launched a similar programme in primary schools.

Education Minister Pankaj Kumar, who is part of the committee, said the government’s initiative was a “major step” for women and the country.

“It is a significant step and we will continue to work towards making it mandatory for all young women from 18 to 34 years of age to take an undergraduate qualification,” he told the Press Trust of India.

“And we will do this with an emphasis on providing all children in the state with opportunities in rural education.”

Omparakash said that the programme would be rolled-out in six states by the end of next month.

“All the government schools in our state will have it,” he explained.

“In the next five months we will also launch it in Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata and Lucknow.”

There is a lot to be done but we have taken this very seriously and we are working to make it a reality,” he pointed out.OMPARKASH: Women students in state schools should be educated in the private sector’Pankaj Omparkash, Education Minister, has announced that government universities will be offered a “guaranteed” government degree in five of the 10 states.

In the five states that have chosen to offer the government degrees, women students are not being given access to them until they have completed the compulsory secondary school entrance exams.”

Government education for women should be a guarantee to the entire country,” OMPARKASSA said in a statement.”

What we want to see is that in five out of 10 states, women are being given the opportunity to go to university.

“Why should women not be given a government degree?

We are giving them an opportunity to get an undergraduate degree in the best universities in the nation.”

Education will be given to all girls in the society, not just those who are already in the education system.

“The government will also offer a postgraduate degree in business to women students starting in 2020, he explained, adding that the Government of India would help with the recruitment of female employees.”

These girls will be working in the fields and will also be earning their wages and earn the government,” he noted.