What to know about the government’s plan to introduce a new education category for women in Pakistan

Pakistan is about to have a new category of female education.

The government has announced a new department to deal with education for women.

Education Minister Abdul Qadir Khan said the department will be headed by a female education expert and would be made up of five people.

This department would be headed in coordination with the government colleges, the minister said.

As per the government plan, a female educator will be given the title of secretary and chief secretary in each department, and her responsibilities will include recruitment, appointment, retention, and promotion.

However, the education minister said the new department would not have the power to introduce compulsory education.

This department would only be able to provide training, he said.

Khan’s announcement came at a time when many Pakistanis are questioning the need for a government department to ensure the safety of women and girls, given the rising number of incidents of rape and sexual violence.

In March, a man was charged with rape in connection with a case of sexual violence in the northwestern city of Lahore, which police said was a result of a gang rape by a group of five men.

The government had already begun a crackdown on the sexual assaults on women in Lahore after the government launched a police operation against a number of men who were accused of raping a 13-year-old girl in a crowded market.