What is Faisalana? |The Times of India

Faisala, a community based school, is set to open its doors in the capital city of Faisaliabad in early 2019.

The school is located in a slum and aims to give women and girls the chance to study in a safe environment, in a way that will give them the confidence and the confidence to continue working in their careers.

Faisalanas chief secretary, Bishwani, said the school will cater to all types of women, from the poorest to the rich.

Bishwi said the college will have three different campuses, one in the main city, one on the outskirts of the city and one in a separate slum, which will provide accommodation for up to 100 students.

The slums will be provided with facilities like toilets, toilets for the students, health facilities and facilities for the staff, she added.

The education department is in talks with the government for the project, said Bishwa, who said the university would have a major impact on women’s career prospects.

“The government will be giving us facilities and help, we will be in a better place,” she said.

Bishwa said the project is part of an overall plan to improve education and empower women in Faisals slums.

The project is a continuation of the project that the government initiated to empower the women in the slums, she said, adding that the ministry of women and child development (WCD) had funded the project.

The government has been spending more than 1.5 crore to expand the education of girls in the country and Bishwal said the government will soon introduce a scheme to provide special scholarships to students in Fischahabad, in the south of the capital.

The government has also funded construction of schools for girls, she noted.

Fischahabadi is the third slum in Friesland, which is the poorest part of the country.

The area has a population of more than 10 million, according to the latest census data.

Fischagari is also home to the city of Karachi, home to India’s largest Muslim community.