What is a ‘graduate’ degree in India?

The education minister, Rajnath Singh, has been talking about a “graduation” of Indian higher education institutions.

In the past, the term “graduated” has meant a student who has completed a certain level of schooling and has graduated from an Indian college or university.

In reality, a graduate is one who has a PhD or a B.A. degree.

The education ministry said it has decided to define “graduates” as those who have completed a Bachelor’s degree or higher. 

In an interview to NDTV, a spokesperson for the minister said that a graduate would have the same level of qualification as an undergraduate student.

But what is a “graduate” degree in Indian higher-education institutions?

What qualifications do graduate students have?

A “graduate degree” is a degree awarded by an Indian university or college.

A graduate student has a degree that can be used to access jobs, and can be completed in a number of ways, according to the ministry.

They can study for a degree, take a degree course, do some research or get a PhD.  There are three types of degrees: Bachelor’s degrees, Bachelor’s-type degrees, and Doctorate degrees.

Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees are generally awarded to people with a Bachelor degree.

A Master’s degree is awarded to those with a PhD, and is typically a postgraduate degree that is recognised by the government. 

A bachelor’s degree in the U.S. can be awarded to anyone with a bachelor’s, master’s or PhD degree, although the degree itself is not required. 

Why do graduate degrees exist?

According to the education ministry, there are three main reasons why someone might choose to pursue a degree in an Indian institution: a) a desire to improve their knowledge, b) to work in the field of a particular field, or c) to provide an education to the nation. 

What is the “postgraduate” term?

A postgraduate is a graduate student who completes a degree after completing a bachelor or master’s degree. 

The term “post-graduate” is used to refer to a student with a graduate degree who is now working in a post-graduate course. 

How many post-graduates are in India now?

The government said it had an estimate of 7.5 million graduates. 

Who are the “Post-Graduates”? 

According to the government, about 7.4 million students in the country have completed postgraduate courses.

Of those, 4.4 percent are “post graduate” graduates.

The rest of them are in a “post master’s” programme, and there are no “post masters” students in India. 

When did the postgraduate term start? 

The postgraduate process began in 2014.

In 2016, the government started working with the Institute of International Education (IIE) on a new postgraduate program. 

Is the post graduate term for people with PhDs or Bachelors degrees? 

According the IIE, post-grads are in their first year of postgraduate study. 

Can you get a Master’s or Doctorate degree in any country? 

Yes, you can obtain a master’s, PhD or doctorate degree, depending on your degree and whether you have completed the “graduate course”. 

Can a post graduate graduate go to a different country?


A post graduate student can go to any country for a master or PhD. If you go to another country, they need to have your work papers approved. 

Does a post grad student have to attend a university in India to study? 


In India, there is no requirement for a post university to offer a post degree.