What are the problems of women in education in the country?

The problem of female students studying at higher education institutions is a major concern, according to the latest report of the World Bank’s Gender Equality Index 2017.

In fact, only 15 percent of women’s education in India is in formal higher education.

This is a fraction of the women’s enrolment in state universities and institutes.

The same is true for higher education in other countries.

The World Bank report says the gender gap in the education system in India has grown since 2011, with the gap between women and men at 26 percent.

In comparison, in countries like Canada, Germany and the US, the gender balance in higher education has been much lower.

The report also said that India’s educational system is failing to support the development of women and girls.

According to the World Resources Institute, India’s education system is the second-worst in the world when it comes to female enrolment, behind only Afghanistan.

In addition, women account for less than half of university students.

The report says more needs to be done to improve the quality of women-friendly educational experiences.

The World Bank said the gender disparity in education is the largest in the developed world.

In terms of gender imbalance in primary and secondary education, India ranks third behind Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, according the report.

The number of women attending university has also been on the decline for a number of years.

According to the report, India needs to improve its gender balance, especially in the secondary education sector, and increase the number of girls and women attending universities.

The government needs to provide more support to schools that help students with gender-sensitive learning. 

(Read more: Women and girls need support to get ahead in India: World Bank )The World University Rankings 2017, published in September, ranks India on a “high priority” by the United Nations Development Programme.

The index shows that India has the third highest gender ratio of men in the top 15 countries on the list, behind the United States and China.

It also ranked India as the worst country in terms of female university enrolment.

The gender ratio for women in India stood at 0.75 percent in 2017. 

The World Institute for Gender Equality and the World University Ranking 2017 report have both noted that the gender imbalance is particularly prevalent among women in rural areas, rural education and women-dominated fields.