The story behind India’s government degree college, which won its first award on Wednesday evening

The Government of India has given its highest award to a government women’s college in a prestigious event at the prestigious International Women’s Conference in Kolkata.

The award, to the Kolkatha Women’s College, was conferred by the Government of Kerala on Wednesday night after its president, Professor Nandanam Veerapur, was named as the first female president of the prestigious institute in the country.

The institute’s director general, Professor B.D. Ranganathan, said the award was not an award of recognition but a recognition that the institute’s mission is to ensure women can achieve their dream of becoming educated.

“This is a first for the institute and a recognition of its unique mission,” he said.

“The institute is not just a university but also a platform for women to seek knowledge and to share their insights.

It is a beacon for women and an inspiration for women across the world.”

The award was presented by Kerala’s Chief Minister Oommen Chandy.

Professor Ranganatha said she is very proud of the achievement of the institute, which she has been working on for the last 12 years.

“We have achieved a lot in the last two years and I feel that this is the first award I have received,” she said.

The Kerala government degree colleges for women, or GVCMs, have been accredited by the Centre for Higher Education Accreditation, or CEA.

The CEA says that women are better prepared to succeed in a range of higher education, from engineering to medical.

They are also better able to take up jobs that require a degree.

“Women are more likely to be educated at the higher end of the scale,” said Ranganath.

“I am very proud that I have managed to get this award in a way that has not only honoured the institute but has also shown that it is a place where we can showcase the best of Kerala and show that women can thrive and thrive in our state.”

The Kerala state government, which was one of the founding members of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), has been the pioneer of women’s empowerment.

It was the first state to have a female chief minister.

In 2016, it awarded the first woman, T.C. Thimphu, the Chief Minister of Kerala.

In the same year, the institute was also awarded the prestigious Women in the Global South Award for women in science and technology, and for excellence in women’s participation in industry.

This is the second time the institute has received the award.

The first was for a second year, in 2009, when it won the prestigious Kolkatta Women’s Award for excellence.

The Kolkotta Women’s Institute is located in the capital, Kolkatantan.

The government has also awarded a second award for the institution in 2017.

The inaugural conference of the KVVU-NIVAN was held in Kondapalli on September 30, and the institute received its first prize on Wednesday, according to the university’s website.