Students on post-graduation course are expected to join army and police after graduation

A woman from a post-graduate degree college has been set up at the university of Srikakula in Chennai, after graduating from a government degree college.

A post-Graduate Education Programme (GEP) is being launched at Srikaku Srikalkulam by the State Government in Chennai.

The programme is being implemented through the College of Engineering and Technology (CEET) under the Ministry of Higher Education and Training (MHET).

According to Srikakees principal and vice-chancellor Dr. K Venkatasamy, it is not yet known if all the students who graduated from the post- graduate degree college would join the armed forces or police.

The first batch of students has already started to enrol in the postgraduate degree course, he said.

Dr Venkatachary said that the students would be able to work as well as do some practical work, including in the civil service, in a postgraduate course.

The first batch is from the engineering and technology (ET) and civil services colleges, while the rest is from other institutes, he added.

“There will be around 4,000 post- graduates in the GEP, including a cadre of engineers and engineers who have graduated from postgraduate colleges.

They will be assigned as the post graduates,” Dr Venkatesamy said.

He said the post graduates would be given the post of a senior engineer or a senior civil servant.

“It is a unique programme that we are doing in this sector,” he said, adding that the post graduate degree course would not only help in earning a post degree, but would also help the post college to recruit new students from different parts of the country.