Students from Shujabad high school, government college for young women, have been offered a government degree in the US

The US government is offering women from a government high school and a government college in Bangladesh a diploma in the field of government administration.

The offer is aimed at attracting the educated and motivated women of the country, according to the US Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The United States has been one of Bangladesh’s largest trade partners for more than a decade, and the US is keen to attract foreign students to the country as part of its economic diversification.

The Dhaka School of Government and Information Technology (DSGIT) was founded in 1984 and is located in the Dhaka suburb of Shujaba.

The college provides courses in subjects such as health and law, but also aims to teach students about the issues of development and human rights, according TOI.

It is located at the University of Dhaka.

Students from the Dhake school will be given a government-level diploma in government administration, the US embassy said in a statement. 

The US Embassy said the university is also in talks with US consulates in Dhana, Dhaka and Dhaka in connection with the offer.

The offer will be in the form of a “government certificate”, which can be used to complete a degree program, the embassy said.

The US is the second largest source of foreign students for Bangladesh, according the International Monetary Fund.

The country’s economy has been in recession since mid-2015, and its economy is expected to shrink by 3% this year.

The government is struggling to shore up its crumbling infrastructure and to cope with a rise in violence.