Srikarakulam, Kerala and Karnataka go head to head in the state’s new cabinet, reports The Indian Express

KALASANDY, Kerala, and Karnachos State, have joined hands to form a government, the Kerala state government said on Wednesday.

The Kerala Cabinet is likely to meet on Wednesday to form the state government, which will then be announced by the state chief minister, Chief Minister Oommen Chandy.

The state’s Chief Minister is the second chief minister in the last two months to have been sworn in.

The Kerala Cabinet will be headed by Chandy and his two deputies.

In Kerala, the BJP and Congress will jointly hold a joint session to elect a new chief minister on Monday.

In Karnataka, the Centre will also hold a session on Monday to elect its new chief ministers.

In Karnataka on Tuesday, BJP state president Jaganmohan Reddy was sworn in as the new chief secretary, while Congress leader Shanti Bhushan was sworn-in as the state secretary.

The BJP and its allies have been trying to form government in Kerala since February this year, when Chandy was elected in a snap election.