Sialkota Tamil Institute of Women in Sialkots administration to start training in 2019

Sialcoglu’s Institute of Woman’s Education and Human Rights is a state-run body.

Its head, Amara Khadijeh, was the first woman head of a state school, the State School for Women, in 1988.

In the last decade, the institute has been established with the aim to train teachers, teachers-in-training, and teachers for the higher education sector.

Khadijean was appointed vice-provost for the institution’s headquarter in 2011.

In recent years, she has started her career as a doctorate in political science and is now a professor at the University of Sialcraft in Mysore.

She is the first female president of the institute and its first director general since it was established in 1990.

It was established through the Supreme Council of Teachers of Girls (SCTs) of Madras as a national centre of excellence.

The institute has trained approximately 900 faculty and has a total of 2,300 students.

The institute’s first-year academic programme covers subjects like social sciences and business education.