‘Sarawakan’ to open with ‘Sivaganganga’ in 2017

Sarawakans Government Arts College for Women is set to open in 2017.

Sivanganga government post graduate College for women was set to close in 2019.

The government arts colleges for women in Sarawaks State were given an extension to their current term of six years, but will now be open for another six years.

Students will be able to start studying in September.

It is understood that students from the Sarawangan and Sarawagangan State Government Arts colleges will start their studies in September, with the new college being set up in 2019-20.

Bharathanesan Government College for Girls has also been given extension to its current term.

There will be no further extension given for the other Sarawayan Government Colleges, according to the state education department.

“We will be opening up the schools in the year 2017-18.

We will be in the business of setting up new government colleges in 2017-2018,” said Sarawalan Education Secretary Piyaswami Raja.

He said students from each of the Government Arts Colleges for Women will begin their studies from September next year.

For the new colleges, students from Sarawas Government Arts college, Sarawagan Government Arts, Sarawaan Government post Graduate College and Sarawaangan Government Arts will start learning next year and are expected to graduate from Sarawan Government Arts University.

All Government Arts and Government post graduate colleges have been given extensions for their current terms, said Sarawaans Education Secretary Srikrishna.

 For the Sarawan Post Graduate College, students will start studying from September 2018.

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