Murtaza abad: Government arts college opens for women in Lahore, Lahore University of Technology’s multan

Murtaz Abad, director of the government arts and technology college for girls in Lahores has opened her school for women, inviting women to study in the college.

Abad has been in the government college in Multan for almost a decade.

“We are inviting the girls of Multan to come and study here.

We are offering them scholarships,” she told The Hindu.

Abadal has also announced that the government will provide scholarships for women who study at the government school.

The government arts school in Multans Multan is one of the most prestigious in Pakistan.

It is the largest and oldest in the country.

Its students are mostly educated in the top tier universities of the country and the school is also known as one of Pakistan’s premier centres for arts.

“It is a great achievement to be given the chance to teach at such a prestigious institution.

The aim is to open the doors of education to women and to make education accessible to them,” Abadal said.

“The aim is for us to make the country more inclusive and equal for women.

We have set up a dedicated department of women and girls and women are our top priority,” she added.

“There is no place in Pakistan for a man or woman who is not qualified in the field of arts.

This is the main objective.

The women are the backbone of this institution,” she said.

The college was founded in 2012 and has more than 1,300 students.

A total of 7,000 students study in its two campuses in Multani and Lahore.

Students of government colleges in the state receive scholarships.

The first batch of students enrolled in the institution were the students of Multani College, Multani University and Lahoor University of Engineering and Technology.

“In our first year, the government offered scholarships to 1,100 students.

Now, the quota has been raised to 1.8 lakh students, who are the students from all schools,” said Abadal.

“For the first time in our history, the girls have been able to study at a government college and this is a huge achievement,” she assured.

“I hope we will be able to increase this number,” she pointed out.

The Multani campus is located in the heart of Multans city, close to the city’s airport.

Multani has more colleges in Multania and Multan.

The campus of the federal government college was opened in 2010.