Man who raped 13 women, sentenced to seven years in jail

Jammu, India — A man who raped and murdered 13 women has been sentenced to jail for seven years for his crimes.

In a statement Wednesday, the state government said that the 37-year-old man who confessed to his crimes had admitted to the crimes but denied having sex with the women.

“He has been given seven years imprisonment and his family members will be compensated for the loss of the children he has lost,” the statement read.

The statement added that the man had confessed to the crime when police came to his home to arrest him on October 11, the same day he confessed to killing his wife and daughter.

The man has confessed to raping the women and killing their daughters after raping their wives and sisters in the cantonments of Bijnor, Kanpur and Bijwal, according to the statement.

The family of the slain sisters told the police that they had been raped by the man and his two daughters on multiple occasions, the statement said.

The crime spree began when the man began dating his wife after he moved to Bijor, the Bijwals told the Bishnoi police.

They said that she had filed a complaint with the police after her daughter’s disappearance and they suspected she might be abducted by the rapist.

The woman went missing on October 13 and was later found dead in a Bijwar residence.

Her husband, an officer with the Bikpura Police Station, had allegedly abducted her from her home, killed her and raped her, the woman’s brother said.

In the first case, the family of five daughters was forced to move out of their Bijwall residence when the rapist began dating the daughter, the brother said in the statement, adding that the family had filed police reports with the municipal police station and the Bizai police station.

The Bijwais have since moved to Kanpur, the police statement said, adding they were trying to recover their daughter’s body.

In his statement, the man said he was forced into sexual acts with the 13-year old girl and she was forced by the father of her sisters to sleep with the rapist in the house, the Kota police said.

Police officials had been unable to contact the man since October 11 and his relatives did not know where he was, the city’s police commissioner said.

“We will now continue our investigation and pursue charges against him,” he said.