Kumbakoni: Ministry of Women,Education, Science and Technology to set up new government degree college (PTI) for women in Karnataka

A new government department for women’s education, science and technology will be established in Karnakota on February 2.

This is a significant step for the state and a sign of the government’s commitment to gender equality in government.

The new department, called the Kumbhakoni, is to be headed by K. Srinivasan, former minister of women and children’s affairs.

He will be tasked with setting up the new department and will also take charge of training and mentoring for women professionals in the state.

The state government’s previous department for girls education, the Department of Girls Education and Sports, was set up in 2015, but has been unable to meet its targets.

The government has been seeking a new department to focus on women’s issues and improve women’s participation in the workforce, education and health.

The department will have a mission of improving the gender balance in the education, health and social protection sectors in the State, according to a press release.

“This is an important initiative for Karnataka and a step towards the goal of improving gender equality and ensuring that women are able to pursue higher education in India,” said the release.