Kerala, Malabar: Government colleges to begin offering full scholarships to women

Kerala’s government is considering making the full scholarships available to all students in government-run schools.

Kerala is one of the most female-run states in the country and the government hopes the move will help boost the numbers of women enrolled in the state’s schools.

“It’s not a government-specific programme.

It’s a universal opportunity that everybody has,” Education Minister N. Muralidharan told reporters in Malabarbam on Tuesday.

The government has already announced that in the next four years, up to 200,000 women students in the private sector would have access to government scholarships. 

The government’s plan also includes an increase in the number of women in the teaching profession and in the medical field.

The Education Minister said that women would also get more chances to study medicine and law. 

In addition to the full scholarship, the government would also provide financial support to women students. 

“If you can’t afford to study, it’s important to have an education.

You have to study to get an education,” he said.

The full scholarships would be made available to students from all age groups, irrespective of the gender of the students.