Kerala governor announces government college for female students

KERALA: Kerala’s Governor Satyendra Nath Kambalam on Friday announced a government college (PGC) for women students in his state, where women’s rights are under threat due to a slew of cases of rape and dowry.

The PGC will be established in the district of Mahavari in Kerala’s Puducherry district and the government has invited all women students and employees in the state to apply for admission.

According to a statement, the PGC is aimed at providing vocational and higher education for women in Kerala.

“The PGA has been developed by the Kerala government as a solution to provide a place for women to learn the skills required to be a professional,” it added.

The governor’s statement came as Kerala’s police registered three more cases of child marriage in the last three months, a spike that comes as the state’s dowry and dowries cases have surged.