Karachi College for Women,Srikakula,Kasireddy Venkataeddy Government College for women: Katchikaranya-Dutta (KVDF)

KVDF, the state government body for women’s welfare, has announced a $50,000 scholarship for a girl studying in the KVF-run university for women.

The girl, who will be identified only as V, has been admitted to the KWG Katchiyaranya College for Girls at the Kollam village, near Srikaranya, for a three-year term.

The scholarship will be funded by the government of the State of Kerala and the Centre for Women’s Empowerment and Empowerments (CWE), KVD reported on Tuesday.

The announcement comes on the heels of the Centre’s announcement in March 2016 to make the Katchi Kollaman Kendra at Srikara the official university of Kerala.

The KVGF had recently appointed a vice-chancellor from its KVW-run campus at Sikkulam.

KVVDF said the KGK-led government’s decision to award scholarships for women students was part of a drive to ensure better women’s empowerment in Kerala.