India’s M-Level Bachelor’s Degree Course to Open in Sargodhaya, Mysuru

Sargodeya, in north Karnataka state, is the third city in the state to launch the M-level Bachelor’s degree in Indian languages.

The University of Madras has already been preparing the course for five years and has also been providing a full-time lecturer to the students, who will complete the degree on their own, according to the Mysurus College, which is affiliated with the State Council for Higher Education.

The course is to begin next month.

The university, which had a bachelor’s degree course in Indian, English and Hindi in 2016, plans to offer it in 2019.

The college has already set up a website and Facebook page to promote the course.

The M-tier Bachelor’s program is designed to encourage and support students to pursue their education in various fields, and to prepare them for a career in a highly competitive sector.

The M-levels are meant to be the first level of the Bachelor’s programme, which provides a bachelor of science, a bachelor in pharmacy and a bachelor, in law.

The Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Management will also be offered, while the Bachelor of Engineering and Technology is planned for 2022.

M-levels will be compulsory in Indian higher education institutions and will allow students to study for two years in a maximum of six courses.

There are currently no such requirements for Indian colleges, said Natarajan Singh, chairman of the College Council of India.

“It is a welcome step for the state of Karnataka to move forward on this initiative,” said Sanjay Singh, a member of the Karnataka Higher Education Council.

“It is another step in our efforts to get a Bachelor’s from an institution of our choice.

M-Courses have been a popular way to prepare for the Bachelors in Engineering and Business Administration, which are currently compulsory for all Indian universities.”