India’s government medical colleges to have new names by 2020

Government medical colleges for women will be renamed by 2020, to mark the country’s 100th year of female doctors.

In a ceremony on Tuesday, the Registrar General of the Medical Colleges of India (MCA) and the Medical Faculty Council of India said the changes will be made after the completion of the MCA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) this year.

The MCA, which manages the health sector, will hold a conference on the changes in April 2020.

The government’s first women-only government medical College, the MCCI, will have a new name by 2020.

“In order to ensure the continued vitality of the health system and to facilitate better and faster access to quality health care, we are moving towards a change in the names of the government medical schools, the medical colleges and the medical faculty,” the MCSI said in a statement.

The names of other government medical institutions will be decided by the government after the AGM.

The name change will be announced in the coming days and the announcement will be accompanied by the new names for government medical institutes and medical colleges.

The names will be published in a newspaper.

The names and names of government medical posts will be replaced with a new alphabetical code.

The new names are: Health, Women, Health & Family Planning, Health, Family Planning & Family Health, Government Medical College for Women, Government College for women, government medical academy for women and government medical university for womens.

The government medical universities for women have been functioning for almost 100 years.

“The naming of government institutions will enable them to serve a more diverse range of the society, women, men, children and seniors,” Health Minister Mukul Rohatgi told reporters after the announcement.