Indian Women’s Government Arts College in Srinagar to Host U.S. Artist for Women

Srinagar, India – The government of India is hosting a series of international art shows at the government arts College of Women in Srikakulam, the capital of Tamil Nadu state.

The show is being sponsored by the U.N. Development Program, an international organization that promotes and supports women’s empowerment, and is being held from Oct. 11-13.

The International Women’s Media Center (IWMCC), an organization dedicated to women’s media rights, is also in attendance.

Srinagar-based artist Ekita Manjhi was chosen as a guest of honor by the director of the center, Ritu Srinivasan, to take part in the series.

The first show is set to be held at the center in December.

The exhibition is a collaboration between the IWMCC and the National Gallery of Art in New York City.

It was created to showcase the works of women in the arts, which are considered by many to be the greatest art in the world.

The exhibition was launched last year, with the first show being held at a U.K.-based art museum, Tate Britain, where more than a dozen women were showcased, including Anja Tippel, who is now an international cultural ambassador for the U,K.

and is the first woman to be appointed to the board of trustees of the museum.

“I am so happy to be invited to work with such a fantastic gallery like Tate,” Manjho said.

I am excited to take this opportunity to celebrate this beautiful piece of art.

We are going to be collaborating with this beautiful gallery for this show.

It will be a beautiful exhibition, but the main message is this is just a piece of artwork, it’s not a piece that represents me as a person.

This is an expression of who I am as a woman artist.

It was Manjhia who first suggested to the director, Rishi Tandon, that they put up the exhibition in the U’s U.KS.

The director, however, chose to keep the art in India.

He said it is not the first time Manjha has worked with the gallery and said it will be her first international exhibition.

The two artists collaborated on a piece called “Mumbai” last year that was shown in New Delhi.

Manjhi’s art is about women in urban spaces, which she said is a “macho image,” but is also a reflection of the world as a whole.

For Manjhe, the idea of women’s representation in art comes from the fact that we are all different, she said.

The show aims to be inclusive of all women.

This show will be about empowering women in all aspects, from the physical, to the mental, to social.

We want to highlight that we have the capacity to make a difference, to make art that is just beautiful and beautiful enough to be seen.

The IWMCCC is an agency that supports women in various fields.

Manjhaljhi said she hopes the exhibition will help the organization and the community to become more aware of women and their power.