Indian government to award ‘unparalleled’ prize to women in government college of Pakistan

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has awarded a $1.4 million “unparalleled” prize to three women, the first Indian government has announced. 

The Indian Government’s Women’s College of Pakistan, which is located in the Pakistani city of Faisal, is named for the women’s college founded in 1884. 

“Unparalleled and beyond expectations, I am proud to present the Indian Government for a $5 million scholarship for three women students from Faisil University,” Modi wrote on his Twitter account.

The Indian government announced the prize in the run up to his visit to Pakistan on July 24. 

Faisil is located on the border with Afghanistan and was established in 1883.

The government of Pakistan has promised to give the “unbeatable” scholarship to women students of Indian heritage. 

Modi’s visit comes as India and Pakistan continue to disagree over Kashmir. 

On Saturday, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi warned that India could withdraw the funds that it has given to Faisili in the past, saying they are being used to “settle” the disputed territory. 

In a tweet on Sunday, Modi wrote that he is “looking forward to working with India on the Kashmir issue.” 

The award will go to the three women after a four-month study period, Modi said in his Twitter post.

The college, which has a total enrolment of 5,500, is the second-largest university in the country.