‘I’m ready for anything’: Former student’s dream of becoming a doctor turned into nightmare in Pakistan

A 22-year-old medical student in Punjab, Pakistan, who wanted to become a doctor has come to a close with a tragic end after being arrested for being too drunk to give her consent for an abortion.

Dr. Mina Khan has been in jail since she was arrested on Monday after police alleged that she had been involved in an attempted abortion, according to the Associated Press.

The arrest was made after she reportedly failed to give a clear, informed consent before the procedure in her hospital room, according the BBC.

After her arrest, Khan was held at the Lahore Women’s Hospital for 24 hours before being transferred to an undisclosed location.

The Associated Press reported that Khan told her lawyers that she was in shock when she was told she would be transferred.

“The doctors were shocked and said they could not believe this,” she said.

She said she was not aware of the medical staff’s concerns before being transported to the hospital.

The government of Punjab has made abortion illegal in the province since 2011, according The Guardian.

Khan told the Associated Images that she has been planning to get an abortion since she started her medical degree at the university.

“I’m not married, I am not in a relationship,” Khan told the AP.

“But I want to have children.

The only reason I want an abortion is to prevent my parents from killing me.”

The BBC reported that the hospital said that Khan was “physically incapacitated” and “impaired in her abilities to consent to abortion.”