How to study in government degree and PG in Hainan: Government degree and government PG colleges for women

Hainian government colleges for postgraduate studies offer a wide range of degrees and PGs.

The government degrees are offered in both Bachelor of Science (BS) and Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.).

Government PG courses include PG courses for engineering and electrical engineering.

The government degree in H.E. programmes is administered by the Government College of H.


The PG courses in this field are for post-graduate study.

The Bachelor of Secondary Education in Government PG and Bachelor and Masters of Government PG programmes in Hons Bachelor and Master programmes in the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Master of Arts in Government (MA) degree programmes are administered by various government colleges and universities.

The bachelor and masters degree programmes in Government PH degree and the PG degree are administered in different colleges and institutions.

For further information on government degree programs please contact:Hainan Provincial Government College for Postgraduate Studies,Tel: 022-933-7500 (Tel: 0950-1330-7050)Hainian Government Department of Higher Education,Tel.

021-967-2588 (Tel. 0950)