How to start a school for women in the Indian state of Kerala

KERALA: A government college for female students in Kerala is now open, but the first class of students hasn’t yet started.

Government colleges in the state, like government-run colleges across India, are supposed to be open for students who have been admitted by March 31st.

But Kerala government has not announced any date for when that will happen.

So what’s the plan?

According to the government’s official website, “The first two weeks of classes are free of charge, except for the first two years of enrolment.

Thereafter, students who enrol in the class after April 31st will be charged a maximum of Rs 1,100.”

In other words, students can only get free education for the full four years.

The students will have to pay fees of Rs 7,200 for the next two years and then Rs 4,000 a year for three years.

So if you’re a female student who has already enrolled in the government college, you can apply for free tuition and then apply for the free classes after April 30.

The government also promises that the new students will not have to stay in their respective homes for four years, and will have access to public transport.

The government has also said that the government will provide scholarships for the new batch of students.

So, what do you think of the government-owned Kerala government college?

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