How to start a business in India: Sivagangga, Bhagat Phool Singh government’s medical college and Sankara college for Women’s recruitment for 2020 report

Posted June 23, 2020 17:04:33After a long and challenging journey to become a doctor, the woman is now preparing to start her career as a business executive in India.

Sivaganganath, a post graduate, has completed her medical degree from the Government Medical College of India (GMCI), Bhagasagar, in Hyderabad, in June last year.

She is now the director of the medical college, a senior management position with a total salary of Rs 7 lakh a month, said Sivapath Mahajan, director, health and medical department, Sivagnagar Municipal Corporation (SMC).

Sivaggangga was working in a pharmaceutical manufacturing unit when she met the head of the Medical College, Dr K S Vatsi.

Svatsi told Sivaggagga about her interest in the subject.

They met and talked about a number of subjects, including her future plans, said Mahajann, who is also the head doctor of the SMC.

She took the offer to the director, who accepted.

The medical college has about 1,300 students from across India, including about 400 from Bhagawat, said the SMCC’s director, Priti Bhattacharya.

“There is an opportunity for women to become doctors and to earn a good living from the medical profession.

In the current financial situation, there are very few women doctors.

So, the opportunity is huge for us,” Sivagi said.

Sikrita, a doctor who has a master’s degree in internal medicine from Sankaracharya Medical College in New Delhi, said her plan is to open a medical centre in New Jalpaiguri town, near the city of New Delhi.

The college is a junior medical college that was founded in 1984.

Sikh women who are enrolled in the Medical Faculty of Sivakhanagar are mostly from the north-east region of the state.

It is a large city in central India.

The Sivagar government, however, has decided to establish a new medical college in the city.