How to save Rs 1.25 lakh for your next wedding

In a bid to improve their wedding finances, the Karnataka government has launched a campaign to educate people on how to save money for their next big day.

In a new campaign, the government has created a Facebook page where the government’s officials can post their plans and advice on how best to save for their wedding day.

“The aim is to make the people aware about their financial situation and what they should do to save.

We want to educate the people so that they understand that the government will help them to make a financial choice,” said Rajesh Sharma, State Minister for Women and Child Development, during a visit to the home of a resident of Karnataka.

The campaign has received more than 2,000 likes and has now started a “Wedding Plan” campaign where the Karnakans can share their plans with each other.

“We are trying to get the government to share their plan with the people through this Facebook page,” Sharma said.

The campaign is currently in its second phase, which includes advertisements on TV, radio, billboards, and online.

Sharma said the campaign is also aimed at the women who are planning to get married this year.

“Women are the first generation to go through a phase of financial planning.

So they need to be educated and to be aware about this,” she said.