How to learn from ‘India’s best’ in the sciences and technology category

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This is the latest edition of CNN Hindi’s Top 25 Science and Technology Degrees.

The list of the best government degrees in India has increased by 25% to 1,056 from 1,035.

The new list is the result of an online survey conducted by CNNIET, which aims to bring the best students to government institutions.

The list of universities includes six in the country — Ambedkar University, Chikmagalur University, Nankana Srikakottai College, Ambedhart College, and IIT Delhi.

The ranking was compiled by CNNIT, a news portal that tracks university rankings in the world.

This list of government degrees is based on a survey conducted in September 2018 by CNN IET.

The survey covered more than 5,000 students and teachers from different schools, colleges, and universities.

The data was collected through a database and asked students to select the best program they could be taught in their respective colleges, colleges and universities for the academic year 2019-2020.

The rankings were compiled using data provided by government colleges, universities and private universities.

CNNIT was also able to survey students from across the country and the country at large for their opinions on various aspects of government education.

The results of the survey are available in the database.