How to help women who have been raped by the police

Government College of Faisalpur, in the southern state of Uttar Pradesh, is helping more than 300 women who were raped by police officers.

The college, founded in 2014, is an open-ended, voluntary community of about 60 women who live and work together in a communal home.

It is a safe haven for women who are sexually abused by the law enforcement system, according to a statement from the college.

The women have been given the support of counsellors, social workers and medical personnel.

The number of rape cases reported to the college is currently around 1,200 cases, the statement said. 

A rape survivor has received help from the police in Faisalsabad, Uttar Pradesh. 

The students who attend the college also have to submit an application with their local police station asking for help in cases of sexual harassment.

The government college’s director, S.P. Singh, said the college had been established by the Uttar Pradesh government to ensure women’s safety, but that the community has taken steps to help its members. 

“The college’s aim is to provide a safe environment for them.

It provides a refuge to women who want to speak up and tell their stories and also gives them opportunities to study,” Singh told Polygon in an interview. 

Singh said the students have been told by the college that if they report sexual harassment, the government would take care of the issue.

“It is the women’s responsibility to speak out against this heinous crime, he said.

Singh said the women who had been sexually assaulted by police did not want to file a complaint against their attackers because they were afraid of reprisal.

One of the women at the college has been sexually abused while working as a clerk at a liquor shop, and she has also been raped at a bus station by a group of men. “

The girls are learning about the world outside of their home, but they also are learning how to be resilient and learn to face adversity,” he said, adding that he hopes the college will be a model for other community colleges. 

One of the women at the college has been sexually abused while working as a clerk at a liquor shop, and she has also been raped at a bus station by a group of men. 

Her family and friends had asked the college to help her get out of the abusive situation, Singh said.

The student’s family has been providing counselling and support to her, but she is not being allowed to leave the house and cannot leave her family alone.

Singh explained that she was not allowed to speak to anyone in her home.

She has also told her family that she had committed suicide. 

On Monday, the college said it had been receiving calls from the community, and that the number of victims had increased, adding, “We have also received a number of reports of rape and other crimes against women by police personnel, especially during the recent period.”

Singh said that the students at the Faisala women’s college had asked to stay at the school as they were in need of support.

The students are also trying to get some of the girls involved in a “volunteer programme” to teach them how to report sexual abuse, and to protect themselves from further abuse.