How to go to jail for women’s education in Lahore: Government college for womens jail road

The Government of Punjab has opened up a new government college for female students at the city’s government apwa campus.

The new government women’s college, in the old government apwara college building, is being built by the state government to facilitate the admission of female students.

It has been named after Ayesha Siddiqui, the daughter of former prime minister Manmohan Singh.

The government college, which is scheduled to open in the second quarter of 2020, will be the first to offer a full course of study for women, the state’s education department said.

It is a major step forward in Punjab, which had a dismal record in providing female students with higher education.

The state has one of the lowest enrolment rates in the country for female education.

The institute will be located in the former government apwala college building.

The new college is scheduled for completion in 2021.

The women’s rights advocate, who is the chief of the state-wide campaign for the empowerment of women, told The News Minute that the new college will open up a space for female and male students to study together and work together to achieve the state of women.